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Search Page changes

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I have been quite bored lately, so I decided I wanted to see what it would take to make something that worked like the Google Instant search.
just a little javascript, some XML generated by PHP and your done.
Although I have run into problems with it running in IE on windows and Safari on OSx. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari on Windows work fine. So I'm guessing it has to do with the javascript engines (or most likely my js code :( ).
Just start typing in any one of the fields to start seeing results.

It is still a little crude in the searching, so be patient for results and it may show some odd results also.

If you would like to take a look and see if you can get it working with IE and or Safari on OSx :mrgreen:, Full code is in the SVN at the head rev.
The files are:

After some more testing, tweaking, and hopefully working in IE and Safari (on OSx); I will integrate this into the production server.

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