"Save Directories" not working?

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"Save Directories" not working?

Post by marco »

v. 10.6

The "Save Directories" section of tab "Save" lists three data types to be saved in folder(s) deemed by the user. The default setting is:


I want more granularity so I opted to create children folders for each:


I made the changes live and the redirect worked but not fully. My auto save and auto recovery files now both save in the AutoRecovery folder. When I close VS and the request is made to save or not, when I click yes to save, then an auto save file appears in my AutoSave folder. I first perceived that maybe there was a conflict because I made the change live. I closed VS and opened again VS and began scanning for APs and the workflow remains the same; auto save and auto recovery files directed to the same AutoRecovery folder.

Does this sound correct?


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"Save Directories" not working?

Post by ACalcutt »

I pushed an update, v10.6.4 Beta 1, which has a new setting to set the Auto Recovery Save folder. This should allow you to set the different locations like you wanted in (Settings --> Save Settings)
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