How To: Report Bugs

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How To: Report Bugs

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What to report:

The more information you give about the problem, better it can be understood.
But too much info can hurt, read[ing] a lot hurts. (so doesn't write[ing])
Also, if there existing bug, don't post it twice (see if it wasn't already solved in latest development source or in this forum, before reporting it)

Things to Include:
* Version you are running of WiFiDB (WFDB)
* The Host OS that you are running WFBD on (Linux [what distro] / Windows [what version])
* Version of PHP, Apache, and MySQL
* Brief description of issue, steps that you took to reproduce or that made it occur.
* If it is on my production server tell me so. otherwise i am assuming that it is a server that you have set up.

That is pretty much it. Try and keep it short and sweet, you may post screen shots of the issues if you are having trouble explaining it in words.

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