home brewed antennas

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home brewed antennas

Post by mysticvirgo67 »

A great link for all you would EVER want to know about hombrew WIFI 'tennas


I will add more as I find them or think to in following replies
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Re: home brewed antennas

Post by DIY-Antenna »

Hello fellow wifi sufferers.

In search to upgrade my wifi home equipment with some DIY antennas trying to escape poor and therefore mentally harmful signal quality, I stumbled upon the youtube channel of Andrew McNeil.

He is a real asset.

As a studied engineer he is testing and meassuring all kind of DIY antenna designs.
All of them he is building himself with simple tools and you can watch him doing so.

Also he is getting into some general myth busting plus tear downs of industrial grade antennas.

Talking along about his projects he has valuable tips on coax cables, connectors, soldering, etc.
He will also give you a little insight into physics, just enough for what is neccessary, to understand some of the design decisions he is presenting.

Dont expect high tech-groovy-influencer-videos.
He is just some dry guy with a workbench, an ozillograph and a pc laptop in his garage.

His channel is packed with 8 years of continuous work rendered into a some hundred videos.

Take a Look around & Enjoy!


Here are some examples (title/link):

"The Legendary TP Link ant2415d"

"My New Favourite Antenna"

"Omnidirectional Biquad Antenna for 2 4GHz"

"The Wifi Gun - Does it Really Work?"

"A Nice 2 4 GHz Wifi Collinear Antenna Let Down By Poor Coax"
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Re: home brewed antennas

Post by cristipund4 »

Thanks for the link, useful information
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