Wardriving 100: Introduction and Ethics

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Wardriving 100: Introduction and Ethics

Post by mysticvirgo67 »

In this section I will be posting and placing links related to Wardriving.. not Network Cracking...Wardriving.. two different beasts.

Wikipedia defines Wardriving as " the act of searching for Wi-Fi wireless networks by a person in a moving vehicle, using a portable computer or PDA." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wardriving

There are variations:
War Walking -- involves using a portable computer or PDA WITHOUT a vehicle, caryining it in a backpack or courier bag.
War Biking -- same as war walking, but while riding a bicycle.. duh!
War Chalking -- using chalk or stencils to place marks on the sidewalk in front of facilities emitting wifi signals.
War flying-- Wardriving while airborne. No, Jumping your van at a railroad crossing while wardriving because you weren't watching the road does not count as warflying.

Why wardrive? I have discovered three reasons to wardrive: Simple curiosity.. Oh! I wonder who else has wifi? ( oh, you would be simply suprised!), Network mapping... generating a geographical map of Wifi coverage, and conducting security surveys...

Shades of Grey
Each of these can have good (whitehat) or bad (blackhat) attributes. Whitehats are simply into Wardriving for the joy of discovery and education, Whitehates NEVER use a network connection. Blackhats want to carry out such crimes as Identity Theft, Credit Card Fraud and corporate espionage. well, lets leave corporate espionage as more of a greyhat area, conducting blackhat operations but for a whitehat reason. ( the betterment of the company).

I suppose I am more of a 'dingy hat' , I think.. I follow the all of the ethics of a whitehat.. I never attempt to penetrate a secure network and I never snoop about in the computers of unsecured networks. I WILL , however, use your internet connection if no public wifi is in range.

Conclusion: Wardriving is not bad or evil.. it is a tool, and like any tool it can be used for ill or good. Mostly, it is good clean geek fun

Next Unit : Wardriving 101 Hardware
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Re: Wardriving 100: Introduction and Ethics

Post by Freebe »

Oh i like it. :)
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Re: Wardriving 100: Introduction and Ethics

Post by pferland »

Nice post Mystic
Just an additition to the WARchalking,
Wikipedia has a nice little article on it, with some good extra links for more detials.


ps I think I would also consider myself a "Dingy Hat" as you call it, mostly white but has a little dirt around the edges :shock: lol
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