Proper GPS location of AP's

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Proper GPS location of AP's

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Hi, I am not sure if the software can already do this already and I had the wrong setup? but from what I tried it didn't work as I expected. I used to use the old stumbler many years ago and when you tracked the gps and moved around, the output that you import into Google Earth would show the AP's exactly where they are transmitting from. But when I did this today with Vistumbler the GPS position on the map was fixed to the line I was walking. I can imagine implementing the triangulation and calculating the exact positioning to be extreamly complicated code to write. But I thought I would post in the hope that it could one day be possible again. Love the software though, glad something like this is still around.
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Re: Proper GPS location of AP's

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Vistumbler has always mapped access points where they had the highest signal position. if you are only walking a line your only going to get the spot where the access point had the highest signal on that line. to get a better position of the AP you would have to walk closer to the AP.

The is a feature when exporting kml that allows you to draw a circle which idicates range, but I don't think thats what you are talking about
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