Importing Auto Save Failing?

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Importing Auto Save Failing?

Post by Jake » Tue May 06, 2014 7:12 pm

I was curious if anyone has had any problems with loading auto saves as I have never been able to load an auto save successfully. It seems like the import process is "bleeding" constantly as it starts off with a high lines/min like 11,000 and then continues bleeding until an unknown speed. I have seen it go as low as 120 lines/min eventually but there is an exponential curve at work as it looks like the higher the lines/min, the faster the bleedout, and the lower the lines/min speed is, the slower the bleeding becomes. Right now I am trying to import a 152,000 line file and the lines/min is decreasing at about four per second running at 2,300 lines/min. This bleeding leads to the time continually going up as well so what starts at 25 minutes ends up going for over 1,000+ minutes.

I have left this running for around 24 hours several times and once it finally gets to about 99.6%, it just stops progressing even though it looks like it is still going. Am I just doing something wrong? I'm basically trying to import the auto save scan data from another computer to continue scanning using that list of access point on another computer. I have tried the import on both v10.5 and v10.5.1 Beta 4 with the same results.

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Re: Importing Auto Save Failing?

Post by ACalcutt » Wed May 07, 2014 6:58 am

Hi Jake,

Unfortunately Vistumbler has never been very good at importing, especially with large files. It is one of the reasons Phil(pferland) created the WifiDB (

The import has a few issues
1.) Early on I chose to use lines per minute to estimate how long the import would take. Unfortunately, with large VS1 files this is almost never accurate. One reason lines per minute is a bad measure is because the VS1 format starts with a bunch of simple lines (GPS Data), then goes on to AP data lines, which contain all the signal history. Once you hit the AP data the lines per minute vaule keeps going down
2.) The way vistumbler was written. (AutoIT/Access MDB pairing isn't always the best for large datasets. This combination is just slow in certain situations)

Usually I recommend saving your vistumbler database (File --> Exit - Save DB) instead of VS1 if you plan to go back into an existing list. This method does not have to re-import everything, so it is faster (other than the time to update the gui...which is also related to #2 )

With the current file you are trying to import I think you will find that it is still importing something. the line it getting stuck on probably has a lot of signal history. I would open the file in a text editor and see how long the line it is getting stuck on is.

Someday I would like to fix this speed issue. I have tried several times, but it is still slow (it is faster than it used to be). This might be something that won't get fixed until a re-write in another language...which which I currently don't have plans for at the moment.

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