Geoname Info - AP Page and KML

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Geoname Info - AP Page and KML

Postby ACalcutt » Thu Jan 26, 2017 1:39 pm

Earlier this month I spent some time working on our Geonames features. In case anyone doesn't know, Geonames is another open source data project which maps geographical place names all over the world.

We started to bring in some geonames data into the wifidb database several years ago with plans of using in in the KMZ files for regions, but we never really did much with it. This month I added "Closest Landmark" to the AP details page. I have also started to make a dynamic KMZ which separates access points by Country, Admin1 Codes, then Admin2 Codes. For now the KMZ I have created can be tested here ( ... _countries ). This dynamic KMZ is still in early stages, but i thought it was pretty cool

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