channel repair and german sectype repair

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channel repair and german sectype repair

Post by pferland » Fri Sep 04, 2009 1:11 pm

Well as I mentioned over in another thread somehow legacy code slipped into the installer for WiFiDB. :oops: The chan field for the pointers table (`wifi`.`wifi0`) was set to VARCHAR(2) not VARCHAR(3) so any AP that had a channel of 100 or higher, was being corrupted. Then when you would do an update of that AP or try and read its data, things would break or just not do anything.
the scrip called "chan_pointers.php" fixes all these issues.

The second script is called "german_repair.php"
This file goes through the pointers table (`wifi`.`wifi0`) and looks for German APs, that are 'Offen'/'Keine' (Open/None) and 'Offen'/'WEP' (Open/WEP)
in an eariler version of Vistumbler, the sectype for these APs where set wrong, Open none APs would get a sectype of 2, when they are really a 1. just as a sanity check we make sure that the WEP APs have a sectype of 2 not 3 or 1. once the pointers table is repaired for that AP, we then go and rename the Signal and GPS tables for that AP so we can find the data after-wards. :P

For the time being, we cannot upload files to the forum for some reason. (/me waves fist at andrew :twisted: )
So I put the archive with the scripts on my QA server, you can grab them here.
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