Things for 0.20 Build 1

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Things for 0.20 Build 1

Post by pferland » Mon Dec 07, 2009 7:46 pm

These are some of the changes and things that I need to do for the next release.

Things that are done, or are started.
1) Mysticache Support (Imports)
2) User based Logins.
3) Forking the Daemon into three processes.
  • a) Daemon->Imports/Exports (this is the old daemon, basically unchanged, just being spawned by the Controller now.)
    b) Daemon->Statistics (all the statistical data for the database, APs, Users, Geocaches, and more.)
    c) Daemon->Performance monitor (watches the CPU/Disk/Mem usage of the daemon procs.)
4) Added a mail function to email the Database admin when there are Errors or Warnings in the Daemon, or the Web front end.

Things that I need to start.
1) Actually create the code for the stats daemon, and perfmon daemon.
2) Mysticache Export code.

I know there is more, I just cant think of it right now...

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