WiFiDB Alpha 0.16 Build 3

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WiFiDB Alpha 0.16 Build 3

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Ok so finally Build 3 is finished, fully working imports, install, and upgrade scripts.
Sorry for taking so long with the fixes for builds 2 and 2.1, both of those had broken install and upgrade scripts. Also the import script was miss-matching the GPS points.

Noticed a few small problems after i made the initial release.
re-released the archives, links have not changed, but the new SVN rev is 416

Archives Direct from SourceForge:

http://vistumbler.svn.sourceforge.net/v ... athrev=416


Added Token support on almost every page that takes user input, or input from the URL.
Fixed an issue where if you had sent a file from vistumber the token would not be able to be compared.
Added signal strength to Access Point Signal Plot KML export.
Changed Individual User Stat Page to new layout.
Standardized SSID usage, there are three types:
  • <ny-paq>|sayz oh-my this is fun [ is the unsanitized, but still safe SSID, used to name APs, 32 char limit, no special chars.]
    <ny-paq>_sayz oh-my this is fun [safe for file names, no special chars, 32 char limit.]
    _ny-paq__sayz oh-my this [safe for table names, max 25 char, no special chars.]
Changed the way WiFiDB looks for the install folder.
Daemon now has all SQL based errors being echoed out to the screen, even if Verbose is off.
Changed the table hide for GPS history, so it is now hidden by default. Has a +/- symbol to either expand or contract the table next to the GPS History Title.
For some reason the Save Search link was missing after 0.16 Build 1, is now back, with a few enhancements.
Fixed the No Token error with imports directly from Vistumbler.
Fixed the formating of the file location that is in the URL from the import directly from Vistumbler that gets printed on the page.
Also made the drop down for selecting the refresh time on the scheduled imports page, so it has a default of the current selection instead of going back to 5 sec.
Fixed the Upgrade script in /install/upgrade/patch.php. (Was broken in Build 2 and 2.1.)
Fixed the Install script in /install/install.php. (Was broken in Build 2 and 2.1.)
Added Daemon Status to the scheduling.php page.
Fixed an issue where the Signal history was being corrupted by being sanitized. The 'special' characters '-' and ',' were being encoded.
Fixed Some Issues with the daemon, details are in the Tools Read-me.
The WiFiDB Web log vars $log_level and $log_interval where interfering with the Daemon vars, they are now changed to $log_level_W and $log_interval_W.
The User-name in the 'Files already imported' table was pointing to the All APs for that user page, when it is supposed to point to the Users stat page.
Fixed an issue where if some AP Pointers are removed from the `wifi0` table, some APs will fail to import or have the same ID as another AP and not be linkable to their data.
  • [ Issues reported by ACalcutt ]
    "Access" is spelled incorrectly multiple times on Export page.
    (Export an Access Point to KML) "User-name" should be "SSID".
    Fix the links for Access Points on the All AP page. (Add tokens to the SSID URLs in the "View all APs" page.)
    Refresh time on the scheduling page went to 15 seconds when I set it to 5 seconds. On the next refresh it went back to 30 seconds.
Unified the import_vs1() and importvs1d() functions, added an $out var to import_vs1() and verbose(), valid values are "CLI" and "HTML".
Moved the Install folder warning code to the database.inc.php file from config.inc.php.
All Messages in import_vs1 are in a group of variables in the beginning of the function, for easy editing.
Added in some code to handle obscure APs that get tagged as new when they are not new.
There was missing Token links on the Associated Lists section of the AP Fetch page.
Numerous other small fixes that I have forgotten about.
Spell-checked the Ver.php page.
Added sorting and pages to the Search results page.
Rearranged the exports page.
Added MAC , sectype , chan , and radio to Single AP export.
Added Date and number of APs for User list export.
All AP page could not go to other pages to see more APs then that are on the first page.
GPS array creation for import had wrong matching so duplicate data was being entered.
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