Vistumbler v10 released - Happy Birthday Vistumbler!

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Vistumbler v10 released - Happy Birthday Vistumbler!

Post by ACalcutt » Sun Jul 11, 2010 10:31 pm

Today marks 3 years since Vistumbler v1.0 was released.

In celebration I am releasing v10 of vistumbler. Lots of new features since the last official release ( v9.8 )
Vistumbler v10 installer
Vistumbler v10 source
Vistumbler v10 SVN (rev 632)

Added color icon indicator of signal strength in listview
Added new style filtering. Multiple filters can now be saved now. Enable/Disable filters
Added detailed CSV export
Added Refresh Interface Option to the Interfaces menu.
Added script to use phils manufmac.exe to create an updated Manufactures.mdb.
Added wardrive-android DB3 import support
Added support for BlueNMEA as GPS source
Updated Import window to include more options.
Updated Manufacturers
Updated Language Bulgarian.ini (by peter_ew)
Updated Language Czech.ini (by ps72)
Updated Language French.ini (by Lobotomise)
Updated Language Italiano.ini (by Mimmo 17)
Updated Installer
Reorganized Menu layouts
Removed old Vistumbler TXT export (replaced by CSV export)

In addition to the Vistumbler v10 release, Phil has also release v0.20 Build 1 of the WiFiDB. has been updated to the latest version and file has released the updated code. Information on his release is here ... athrev=632

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Re: Vistumbler v10 released - Happy Birthday Vistumbler!

Post by Freebe » Fri Jul 23, 2010 12:12 pm

Now thats what i call looking GOOD :D
Will download and test it right now.

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