Locate in WiFiDB (Experminatal feature in progress)

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Locate in WiFiDB (Experminatal feature in progress)

Post by ACalcutt » Tue Jul 14, 2009 5:49 pm

Some of you may have noticed the new feature I have been working on. The two new features work in conjunction with pferland's WiFiDB(Wireless Database)

The two new menu enties added are
(Extra - > Locate Position in WiFiDb) - What this feature does is takes all your active access points and looks for them in the WiFiDB. If one your active access points is found you will given an estimated location from the WiFiDB.
(Options -> Auto WiFiDb GPS Locate) - This basically does the same thing but works more like a GPS. It takes all the active access points and looks for them in the WiFiDB, then pulls the estimated GPS location into vistumbler.

Both of these features are EXTREMELY experimental and very early in development, so don't be surprised if they change. These options either require an internet connection (to access our public WiFiDB) or a WiFiDB located on the same computer. These also require access points in your area already stored in the WiFiDB to give you a GPS position.

I am going to attach the lastest full database kml file I have to give you an idea of the areas this will work in. If your area is not included and you have scans with GPS results you can help get your area mapped by uploading to the WiFiDB(http://www.vistumbler.net/wifidb/import/)
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