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Website hosting in-house

Post by ACalcutt »

We've gotten a new internet connection with a few static IPs, so I am in the process of moving all my sites back to being hosted in house. My main websites have been hosted on 3 servers with a mariadb mysql cluster which is fairly low cost (~$20 a month), but I recently was running out of space and tried moving the wifidb to amazon. While amazon worked ok, it was kind of slow and expensive (~$130 a month) and was costing more then the sites were making. Since I could get a business internet connection for half the cost of amazon I decided to move the sites back to my home vmware server.

There are some pros on cons

- We have much more memory and cpu respurces at our disposal on our home server
- I have moved back to a single dedicated database server for the wifidb and it is no longer in a cluster, so there should be a great speed improvement
- we now have our own static ips. no more messing with dynamic dns
- Cost is within the income the site generates

- Less replication, Less redundancy. No more multi node setup, no more mariadb cluster. We are now more susceptible to downtime.
- Limited power protection (small ups)

I am still in the processes of moving some things, but if anyone finds something not working please let me know.
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