Vistumbler v9.0 released

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Vistumbler v9.0 released

Post by ACalcutt » Fri Nov 28, 2008 6:13 pm

* Download EXE: ... taller.exe
* Download ZIP: ...


* Vistumbler now uses a MDB file to store data instead of internal arrays
* Restructured code to support the new MDB database.
* Many internal changes to increase speed
* Manufacturer and Labels list in settings gui now sort again
* Fixed first and last times when importing files (they should now be correct)
* VS1/TXT files now use UTC time
* Double clicking a AP in the list now deselects it
* Added automatic updating / manual updating
* Added help menu with links to website, wiki, and forum
* Added Interface selection menu
* Added GPS checksum checking
* Moved AutoKML to its own exe so program running time isn't affected
* Added Russian language pack by Vlad "Utter" StepanoFF
* Added Polish language pack by Lordwader
* Added Japanese language by Thira
* Added updated French language file by lobotomize
* Added updated Italian language file by Mimmo 17
* Updated Vistumbler file icon

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