Need help automatically connecting to open networks

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Need help automatically connecting to open networks

Post by scott93933 » Thu Sep 23, 2010 6:02 pm

Hi all,
I've got a Win 7 netbook that I'm setting up for an attorney for a legal case that involves repeated theft of laptops. I'm creating a "bait" computer that we hope gets stolen so that we can identify the serial thieves. The folks we suspect are stealing the computers are fairly technically savvy and probably will be smart enough to not deliberately connect a stolen computer to a network for fear of the computer "phoning home" and giving its new IP address. That's exactly what we're planning. I've installed a free application called "LocatePC" that will phone home (send an email to a preconfigured email address) containing all sorts of info about the computer's new whereabouts (including its new IP address) every time its IP address changes. The problem is that I need the computer to automatically connect to any open network without any intervention by the user and also without their knowledge. Hence my interest in wardriving apps. Is Vistumbler capable of doing this and if so, can someone please walk me through the steps to set it up? If Vistumbler won't do it, is there another application out there that will?

Just to clarify, I need the computer to connect to any open network automatically without any intervention from the user and without their knowledge. Thanks for your help!

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