Curious AP during scan

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Curious AP during scan

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First scan from home, found 2 different AP's that show OPEN but, apparently are not doing anything, and randomly appear and disappear. The MAC address does not return anything when I search for it.

There are 2 devices in my immediate neighborhood that have antennas on them that I believe have something to do with relaying utility meter readings back to the utility company, but, I have no reason to believe these two points are from those devices.

Has anyone seen anything like these before? I intend to do some driving soon, and will drive near some more of these devices as they are all over town, and if I get similar readings, then, I may have found my answer.

Otherwise, I look forward to hearing what you all think.

Thanks in advance.

HPD110a.8E8B3C 02:2B:7B:6A:C5:69
HPD110a.875C70 02:28:E8:F1:2C:F1
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