Error on first install and run

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Error on first install and run

Post by ZedZzizz »

AutoIt Error

Line 25580 (File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Vistumbler\Vistumbler.exe"):

Error: Error in expression.

I got this on my first attempt to run the program. I'm running on Win7. I then tried running it as administrator and got:

Old DB found. Would you like to recover it?

I have tried selecting one for recovery and got the above error again and tried deleting them and selecting a new session with the same result. There's no hurry here, so take your time :)


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Re: Error on first install and run

Post by ACalcutt »

Can you post the MDB file. It should be located in %temp%/Vistumbler (you may have to zip it). I just want to make sure it made it correctly.

Another thing you could do that would help is install autoit and try running "C:\Program Files (x86)\Vistumbler\Vistumbler.au3". This will give me a real line number and error code. Autoit can be downloaded here ( ... -setup.exe ) *note to run/compile as x86 by right clicking "Vistumbler.au3" after installing autoit (vistumbler does not run as a x64 app)
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