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Update Available message

Post by breccia »

I have Vistumbler V10.11 (current version) installed on my 32-bit Windows 7 Pro SP1 dual Intel processor, 4 GB RAM.

This started fairly recently -- a Windows update conflict? Each time I start Vistumbler, a small popup happens saying: <Update> "Update found. Would you like to update vistumbler?" <Yes><No>

If one clicks <Yes>, it does the regular sort of update with errors for a couple of languages.

Trying to start, leaves me at a DOS prompt with a flashing cursor that stays for ever...

Click <No> and Vistumbler starts normally.

I did an uninstall, purging everything. A fresh install from your web site does the same as does my January download.

This is reproducible.

Thanks for a fine program.

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Re: Update Available message

Post by ACalcutt »

It sound like it is having issues updating. If the updater fails to download the update files it will keep prompting you to download updates repeatedly. The version on the site is the latest stable release, but it is set to download beta updates by default. This will cause it to ask for an update when it is first installed.

I have seen things like a bad proxy server or an antivirus prevent the update from working properly. You may want to check your proxy settings in internet explorer(which changes it for the whole system)

You can disable automatic updates for now, since it seems it is not working for you in (Settings --> Vistumbler Settings -> Uncheck "Automatically Check For Updates")
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