Patch for Build 75 & 76 to Build 79

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Patch for Build 75 & 76 to Build 79

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So there was a major bug in the import function, that was blanking out the GPS array after the first Access Point being imported.
If you already have WiFiDB installed and have had this issue. you can run the repair script in /install/patch/
there are two options for this, either replace the bad data with valid null data or remove the data altogether

1> It is NOT recommended to run an install over the internet, it should only be run locally, after the install is successful delete the Install folder
2> Besure to make a backup of your database BEFORE running any work on it.
3> You will need to know the WiFiDB user(for verification), and have a user that has access to your WiFiDB databases</li>
4> Would you like to replace erroneous data with valid blank data? Will take all Bad data and replace with with
(eg. N 0.00000 | E 0.00000 | 1-1-1971 | 00:00:00)
If checked, if not it will remove it.
5> Would you like to delete Access points altogether if they don’t have any 'valid' GPS points?Will remove an Access Point that has no Valid data in the GPS Table

To install, just dump the contents of the archive into the folder that you have WiFiDB in.

Any Questions or Comments, just post ahead.
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